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Youth For Zero Waste Program

Youth for Zero Waste is a program that aims to bring together young people from different communities and backgrounds through environmental training in Zero Waste.

The first stop of the program was in the region of Mitrovica!

Over the course of the program, participants learned about up-to-date zero waste practices, green entrepreneurship, and transformational leadership.

Each day focused on a different waste stream and featured an expert in that field. Our esteemed staff and trainers led the workshop, including:

Indira Kartallozi,

Transformational Leadership

Martin Berisha,

Glass Waste

Arnita Veliu,

Food Waste

Nikki Murseli,

Plastic Waste

Blerinda Veliu,

Waste Economy and Green Entrepreneurship

The program concluded with a study tour, where participants learned about the negative impacts of waste through visits to the landfill and discussions with the heads of the Environmental and Forestry department of the Municipality of Mitrovica.

Afterwards, the focus shifted to the positive impacts of waste management through visits to sustainable institutions and businesses such as Agro-Florentina and the Waste-Water Treatment Plant.

Our program was focused on challenging games that required out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving skills. By the end of the program, participants were able to tackle complex waste-related challenges with confidence and creativity.

This program was implemented in partnership with Building the Balkans organization and funded by UNMIK.

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