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Sustainability Leadership Kosova

Our vision is to make Kosova a global example of a society that is sustainable, healthy, fair and prosperous

Our mission is to catalyze the adoption of sustainable development practices for a fair,  biodiverse, and climate-positive circular economy.

Our values

We prioritize the wellbeing of all; people, animals, plants, and the planet by being examples for others to follow.

We are strategic and laser-focused on systems change and our strategy to achieve it

We strive to build bridges of kindness, compassion, and collaboration with current and future partners.

Our history

SLK was founded by Indira Kartallozi and a collaborative work of movers, shapers, and conveners who have the passion, vision, and expertise. Therefore:


- Our work focuses on unlocking the potential of individuals, businesses, and organizations, ensuring leadership capacity for future fitness.

- Our actions identify and cultivate communities of change leaders, co-creators of innovative solutions to sustainability challenges we all face.

- Together, we collaborate to enable individual capacity to lead, transform team culture to innovate and increase organizational impact.

Sustainability Leadership Kosova


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