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Social Enterprise

Age 20+

is aimed at NGO’s that have the potential to transform into self-sustaining enterprises. The program supports organizations to re-define their mission and principles, strengthen their proposition value, identify new and existing products/services that could be further developed so that they diversify their revenue streams. Additionally, participants are guided to re-think their branding, product, marketing, and financial strategy, as well as learn how to report their impact non-financially. 

The program is designed to guide each participant to work on their ‘transformational plan’ guided by our experts and consultants. To further reinforce the learning outcomes, participants are assigned tasks upon completion of each phase, which is mandatory for successful program completion.

Through this knowledge, we equip the participants with the know-how to start a social enterprise and run it, we further promote the growth of the social enterprise sector, increase employment opportunities, and service providers to tackle the needs of most vulnerable groups, and the wellbeing of our planet.

SEKA 2.0

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