Rina Fetahaj

Sustainability Manager

is interested in applying market-based solutions to social and environmental problems. Equally interested in knowledge sharing and collaboration across sectors and people in terms of social innovation, sustainability, circular, and regenerative economy principles.


Mentor Dida

Movement Builder

is a compassionate and enthusiastic social entrepreneur that wants to see everyone live in harmony with themselves and others. With a systemic impact focus, he is never content with just giving a person a fish, nor teaching them how to fish, he will not stop...

Indira Kartallozi

Executive Director

Indira Kartallozi is the director at Kaleidoscope Futures and founder of Sustainability Leadership Kosova. Indira’s expertise ranges from sustainability and social enterprise to human rights and transformative leadership. Her work has taken her to countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

Wayne Visser

Prof. Dr Wayne Visser is a globally recognized ‘pracademic’, having been listed as one of the world’s Top 10 most influential faculty thinkers on issues of responsible business in social media, a top 100 influencer on CSR and sustainable business...

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Kishore Ravuri

KisH is a regional sustainability advocate, with special interest in fostering partnerships that help create ‘impact’ which is meaningful, measurable, and mutual.Kish is the Founder and CiO of Impacto Sdn Bhd (www.impacto.my),.

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Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan Al Nahyan

Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan Al Nahyan is a CEO of Alliances for Global Sustainability and an accomplished entrepreneur, founder of a number of business entities since 2008...

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Agustin Darquea

Agustin Darquea is an Environmental and Natural Resources Engineer from the Viña Del Mar University in Chile. He is also a certified Permaculture Designer and has taken courses in Circular Economy, Life Cycle Assessment and other topics related with sustainability.

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Ricardo Malheiro

Ricardo Malheiro is a corporate manager who considers that everyone can contribute to change the world by doing their own role, both as a professional and as an individual. He has worked in different multinational companies (thyssenkrupp, Bertelsmann, Inditex, Deloitte, etc), in several management positions.

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Përparim Rama

Perparim Rama, the CEO and Founding Director of 4M Group, is an award-winning Designer and Conceptual Artist. He is the winner of the best bar design in the World award from World Interior News at Saatchi Gallery in 2013, in 2016 he has been shortlisted...

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Besiana Krasniqi

Besjana Krasniqi is Sustain­ability Engineer, with interest in sustainable development and biophilic designs. She is keen to implement such disciplines in her work and as a change towards holisti­cally providing healthy places and spaces that improve the quality of life...

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Boris Bulatovic

Boris Bulatovic is the co-founder of Global Impact Grid GbR and a director of Institute Corporate Responsibility Management at Steinbeis University Berlin. Boris has founded three successful ventures in the educational field. 

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Leon Gogiq

Leon Gogiqi is a passionate advocate for sustainable development and learning. Currently studying at Loughborough University for an Economics with Politics degree he hopes to be pivotal in Kosovo’s development.

Drena Miftari

Drena is a systems thinker and is passionate about breaking down complex problems. She has worked in the Western Balkans in the fields of social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and private sector development. 

Linda Tahiri

Linda Tahiri is Executive Director of Kosovo CSR Network since August 2017. She has previously held managerial and advisory positions in both the public and private sectors, including that of the Director of Economic Development...

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Nikolina Markota Vukic

Nikolina Markota Vukić is a sustainability and non-financial reporting expert with a Ph.D. in CSR and social strategies. She is the co-founder and president of The Croatian Institute for CSR (IDOP) and has almost ten-year...

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Qëndresa Ferizi

Qendresa Imeri Ferizi is an experienced business consultant who works with startups and SMEs. She is the co-founder and CEO of Entrepreneurship & Social Change Association (ESCA). Qendresa has worked for various...

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Valon Avdiu

Valon works at the Ministry of European Integration as a Senior Officer for Public Finance and Statistics. Valon’s special interest is the application of analytical and strategic skills focusing on current and future economic...

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Çlirim Sheremeti

Çlirim Sheremeti is the Founder and Executive Director of 4-H Kosova, who is a member of the global network of youth development 4-H organizations spanning across 50 countries with more than 7 million members around the world. 

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Rockhaya Sylla

Rockhaya is a consultant and educator. Her areas of expertise range from migrants' rights to sustainable community building and diasporas’ engagement. She was nominated for the Women of the Move Awards 2018...

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Dren Zatriqi

Dren has extensive experience within the banking, energy and tourism sectors. Dren is passionate to develop the tourism sector and is specialized in the development of the destinations based on the Saint Gallen University Methodology...

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