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Kosovo is rapidly losing its forests.

This is costing us more than just trees. It is costing us our livelihood as we are losing our jobs. It is costing us our health as we losing our ability to breathe clean air. It is costing us our sanctuary. Without our forests, where do we go to catch our breath? 

But it is not too late!

If we join hands together, as citizens, businesses, and government, we can protect the forests we have and restore the ones we lost. We can grow the economy and secure jobs. We can make nature thrive and enjoy clean air. We can save our sanctuary where we can catch our breath.

     Join our #MoseMerrMalin campaign
     Plant 8 trees to grow with every child born, see here the list of native trees.
     Adopt a tree! Contact us to learn how to do it.
     Suggest your solution and share it with us.

Contact us if you are interested in any of the actions above and learn more about deforestation in Kosovo through our interactive map.



By restoring our forests,

we revive our economy and our health.

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