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We are a local NGO specialized in the delivery of sustainability knowledge through educational programs, consultancy, and movement building. 


We are aware that Kosovo faces numerous social, economic, and environmental challenges: 

  • Society is influenced by a culture of overconsumption, we buy more than we need and often this ends up in a landfill;

  • Economy is based on a production of ‘take-make-waste’ and profit-centric structures;

  • Eco-systems are disrupted, from high levels of pollutions to biodiversity degradation and loss of freshwater sources;

  • Work-culture is dominated by competition and hierarchies, control and corruption;

  • People are divided by the unequal distribution of wealth and exclusions from economic opportunities. 


These current challenges call for a change of the prevailing mindsets, we need more robust actions, radical solutions, and change of minds and hearts. 


Through our work, we aim to CATALYSE this change.


Our goal is to educate, drive, and support the integration of sustainability solutions in Kosovo.
SLK actions and activities are designed towards the system’s change, which is at the heart of our work. We aim to achieve the highest level of change that will create long-term positive impact and shared values across:

We will empower business by helping and guiding them on how to integrate sustainability and develop transformative leadership to realise a zero-waste, carbon-neutral, socially-fair economy.


We will prioritise working with individuals, harnessing their power for
change through actions that promote wellbeing, equality, and social justice,
leading to a future that is fit for all.



We will foster individual, organisational and collective responsibility for protecting nature, which is the source of life, including all living creatures and the ecosystems that support them and us.




A three-module learning journey for CSR professionals or individuals who want to...



is a tailored 6-month journey to support your company to increase business innovat...


SEKA 2.0

is aimed at NGO’s that have the potential to transform into self-sustaining enterprises...


SEKA Fellow

“Because of the program, my team and I have a clearer understanding of the social enterprise, and we are already planning ways in which we aim to generate revenue in the next 2 years, setting goals for growth and transformation within the next 3-5 years” 

Raiffesien Bank

“Even though we are reporting on the GRI from the year 2011, however our focus and impact was not well defined until I have undergone the training of SLK which has helped me further define the focus of our company, be aware of the impact that we have in the community where we operate, and do the stakeholder mapping that will help us in defining our Sustainable development goals” 

4H Kosovo

“As a result of my exposure and experience to SLK’s programs, I have figured out ways of how to make the organization I run more financially sustainable so that I can better serve our primary beneficiaries. Even more importantly, I have internalized the urgency of acting towards a more sustainable world, communicated it to the rest of my team, and have pushed us forward as 4-H Kosova to start working towards a sustainability program for Kosovo’s youth within the next year” 

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