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"Youth For Zero Waste" in Prizren

Our inspiring 6-day program, "Youth for Zero Waste," has concluded successfully in Prizren! 🌍🌱

Throughout the program, participants delved into cutting-edge zero waste practices, green entrepreneurship, and transformational leadership.

Each day revolved around a specific waste stream and featured an expert in that field.

The workshop was expertly led by our esteemed staff and trainers, including:

🌟 Indira Kartallozi, who delivered an insightful lecture on Transformational Leadership

🌟 Martin Berisha, who shared valuable insights on Glass Waste

🌟 Arnita Veliu, who focused on Food Waste and its management

🌟 Nikki Murseli, who tackled the pressing issue of Plastic Waste

🌟 Blerinda Veliu, who shed light on Waste Economy and Green Entrepreneurship

The program culminated with an eye-opening study tour, during which participants had the opportunity to visit two remarkable companies that harness waste as their primary resource.

Our first stop was Pista-Ekoplast, an enterprise that ingeniously transforms plastic waste into a diverse range of products, including pipes, crates, and chairs. Witnessing the transformation of discarded plastic into functional items was truly inspiring.

Our next visit was to Kosovo Glass Recycling, a remarkable family-owned business dedicated to recycling glass and repurposing it into a variety of products. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that, in addition to their glass recycling efforts, they have also initiated a project focused on recycling plastic.

They skillfully utilize plastic taps obtained from glass bottles to create an array of products, such as park benches. This innovative approach showcases their commitment to maximizing the potential of waste materials and fostering a circular economy.

Witnessing the transformation of discarded glass and plastic into functional items was truly inspiring.

These visits provided participants with invaluable insights into the transformative power of waste management and the potential for creative solutions. Witnessing these companies in action highlighted the importance of sustainable practices and the limitless possibilities that lie within our waste.

Throughout the workshop, participants enthusiastically engaged in challenging games that stimulated out-of-the-box thinking and fostered problem-solving skills. By the end of the program, they emerged equipped with the confidence and creativity to tackle complex waste-related challenges.

We are thrilled with the tremendous success of our Prizren program, and we extend our gratitude to the trainers, participants, and everyone involved in making it happen!

This program was funded by UNMIK.

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