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SR-NET Program In Tirana

Last week, our team participated in the SR-Net program with other partners from the Western Balkans in Tirana. This one-week program was held from June 12 to 19, and is a regional cooperation that brings together civil society organizations from Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The purpose of this program is to provide empowering cooperation between NGOs and active associations, which are focused on community development, human rights and youth empowerment. In this module of the program were discussed topics such as: Youth participation in the decision-making process; Scenario exploration system; EN-Roads - Stimulator for climate solutions, fundraising strategy; Art in youth activism, and other relevant topics.

On the first day the speaker was Françeska Muço, who is an activist in civil rights and citizen engagement in democratic processes. She has designed and implemented several advocacy projects and campaigns related to youth and women empowerment, education and human rights. She currently holds the position of Secretary General of the Albanian Young Professionals Network, and is part of the governing board of the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation (RYCO) and part of the UN Youth Advisory Board.

During the second day, the speaker from NVO Karika (Montenegro) presented to the participants the topic "Art in youth activation", which aims to help young people in engaging and increasing activities in society through art.

The Scenario Search System (SES) was part of the presentation on the third day, which is a tool to enable participants to stimulate their potential paths to the future. This system was introduced by The Croatian Institute for CSR from Croatia.

Edona Bylykbashi and Blerinda Veliu, were with us during the fourth day which presented the topics "Cross-sectoral Feminism" and "EN-Roads - Stimulator for climate solutions".

On the fifth day Sustainability Leadership Kosovo presented to the participants more about the #MoseMerrMalin movement, by Elira Sahitaj. While in the second part of the program Shpëtim Shujaku presented the topic "Fundraising Strategy".

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