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Second ECOVILLE Workshop

Another amazing day at ECOVILLE, an educational and entertaining workshop organized by Sustainability Leadership Kosova and supported and financed by the Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Kosovo.

Our next ECOVILLERS were thirty children, aged 11-13, from "Zenel Hajdini" and "Arsim Vokshi" elementary schools in Prishtinë. 🤩

The morning started with an ice-breaker, and then the students were divided into four groups, each led by a mentor, while the session was led by Indira Kartallozi, the international Sustainability Expert. In their respective groups, they expressed their creativity during group work, reflecting on their shared role in protecting nature and improving the future of the planet through games and drawings. 🎨

During the lectures, students learned more about climate change, global warming, and human impact on the environment and concluded with a session on ecosystems and biodiversity.

These sessions were a combination of educational lectures, conversations with students, showing short animations, art and games.

📡 The rest of the workshop was held in nature through the mentorship of Faruk Foniq, the Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist. This session focused on the analysis of local nature through drone.

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