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Social Business

Age 18+

SEKA 3.0

SEKA 3.0 is aimed at SME’s that are looking to re-visit their core values, and expand them in taking into account the social and environmental impact and transform their “business as usual” into “business for good”.


The program supports the SME’s to re-define their CSR activities, if any, and explore new horizons where their products and services meet unmeet social and environmental needs. Participants undergo a journey of transformation, whereby they re-visit and re-define the operations and strategic pursuits, re-design their business model, and explore non-traditional methods in accessing finance, reporting their business impact, forging new partnerships, etc.


The program is designed to spur innovation both internally- through staff engagement, adoption of new practices and policies, and externally- through offering new products and services in the market.


Through this program, we support a cadre of new business people who are led by purpose, embody social innovation and systems thinking in their business, and explore new untapped emerging opportunities within the circular and regenerative economy.

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