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Third Ecoville Workshop

Empowering the next generation of environmentalists! 🌍🌱

The ECOVILLE workshop, dedicated to educating young minds on the importance of sustainability and the environment, is back with its third edition, this time in the city of Gjakova with the students of SHFMU "Fehmi Agani" and "Mazllum Kepuska".

Through lectures, group work,, art and games, these young and challenging minds think creatively about how they can protect and create the future of the planet.

They also had the opportunity to analyze the local nature through the drone, with the mentorship of Faruk Foniqi, Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist.

This workshop was made possible through the cooperation and funding of the Presidency Office, which will continue to support these kids in their futures as environmental changemakers, along with the SLK team.

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