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The Launch Of The #MoseMerrMalin Campaing in Mitrovica

On the evening of April 22nd, on Earth Day, Sustainability Leadership Kosova (SLK) held the #MoseMerrMalin event at the Museum of Mitrovica.

The event was opened with an authentic poem by Nora Prekazi, who had written it specifically for the event and read it in front of the audience. Indira Kartallozi, Executive Director of SLK, delivered the presentation on #MoseMerrMalin campaign and deforestation research in Kosovo. Mrs. Kartallozi attentively spoke about the journey of this campaign and the steps that SLK, in collaboration with key partners, had taken to reach the stage in which we are now. After finishing the content presentation of the campaign, the floor was given to Faruk Foniqi, Founder of Institute of GIS and Geospatial Technology of Kosovo, who focused on the technical and scientific part of this project. Mr. Foniqi talked more about the scientific methods that were used to compile the final results of the study.

After the graphic and visual presentation of #MoseMerrMalin platform, where deforestation level in Kosovo was shown, with a focus in Mitrovica’s region, the event continued with the discussion panel.

The #MoseMerrMalin event was opened to the public, where many environmental activists and organization representatives from Mitrovica took part. The discussion panel was moderated by Fjolla Caka from UN-Habitat and LOCAF, whereas the panelists were:

Learta Hollaj, as a Chief Sustainable Development & Partnerships Advisor at the Office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, discussed sustainable development goals, as well as other relevant issues that Kosovo is facing, such as energy policies, climate change and deforestation.

Ergin Hajredini, National Forest Officer at The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), talked about the issue of deforestation in Kosovo and informed the audience more about sustainable forest management plans and nature conservation.

Fehmi Ferati, a public figure and comedian in Kosovo, used his sense of humor to sting some of the participants about their previous promises and actions. He called for immediate actions that will make a positive impact on our forest protection and restoration.

Arta Ibishi Citaku, a change-maker and nature lover, is one of the first initiators of the Mitrovica’s Environmentalists community. Every Saturday, Arta and other community members engage in environmental cleaning in certain areas of Mitrovica.

Mevlude Skuroshi, beside her professional career as a Founder of Myriad and Coordinator at Zana Literature Festival, has been working for years on taking actions for nature protection. She called for unity towards fighting to save our valuable forests.

After an interactive and interesting discussion between the panelists, who shared their views from their experience and professional profile, the discussion came to an end and the event was closed with the launch of commitment for Kosovo’s forest preservation and regeneration. In this symbolic ceremony, besides the panelists, participants also had the opportunity to sign the commitment.

The commitment of #MoseMerrMalin campaign focuses on taking concrete actions that deliver solutions for the conservation of our forests and its sustainable use by:

  • Understanding our impact and dependencies on forests.

  • Taking action to minimise negative impacts and optimize positive impacts on forests.

  • Developing forest management plans, including actions to address wider community needs.

  • Promoting awareness about the values of forest among our friends, communities, employees, managers, shareholders, partners, suppliers, consumers, and across the business and finance communities.

  • Acting as ambassadors for responsible stewardship of forests, focusing on the economic opportunities and solutions.

  • Engaging in opportunities to share experiences and progress made, with a view to encouraging other individuals, companies, and organizations to act as well.

  • Taking steps to mobilize resources to support concrete actions on forest.

  • Providing information on actions undertaken and achievements in addressing the above.

#MoseMerrMalin campaign calls on:

  1. Governments and policy makers to engage with CSOs, NGOs and businesses as they implement their obligations to create the necessary policy and finance resources that will encourage sustainability into their day-to-day activities.

  2. Businesses sector in Kosovo to join in by integrating and investing in practices, solutions and innovation that supports sustainability, climate actions and forest conservation and regeneration.

  3. Academia and the education sector to review their current curricula and integrate learning and research into sustainability focused topics.

  4. Diaspora community to help us in the protection of our ancient roots, forests, and nature and help us build impactful actions.

  5. Activist to help us grow the movement by sharing our call, supporting our pledge and sharing with us ideas and solutions.

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