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Mos e Merr Malin - Workshop in Gjilan

As part of our journey to inform and educate people about the damaging effects of deforestation on Kosovo's forests, the #MoseMerrMalin movement made its way to Gjilan on April 19th.

We organized a transformative workshop that brought together participants of all ages, united by their shared interest in this crucial topic.

The workshop delved deep into the pressing issue of deforestation and fostered meaningful discussions on sustainable solutions.

During this event we also presented our findings, revealing the alarming extent of deforestation in Kosovo over the past two decades.

Later in the evening, we gathered for an enriching panel discussion moderated by Indira Kartallozi.

We were honored to have esteemed panelists including Kujtim Shahiqi - Leader in the Forestry Sector in Gjilan, Hekuran Aliu - Private Consultant and NGO Activist, Faruk Foniqi - Executive Director and founder of IGGTK, and Njomza Sadiku - Activist, whose expertise and passion shone through their valuable contributions.

At the end of the discussion panel, the signing ceremony of the participants' commitment to their voluntary engagement in stopping the process of deforestation was opened


These activities were developed within the Human Rightivism segment and are supported by the Community Development Fund - CDF.

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