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Study Tour with Diaspora Professionals

In our mission to help boost sustainable efforts in Kosovo, four incredible diaspora professionals from various backgrounds covering sustainability and environmental sectors will be joining us on a study tour with local businesses around Kosovo. Through this project we aim to assist these businesses in working with sustainability in a strategic and structured way, by revising their business and action plans, such as reducing costs through lower energy and water consumption, better waste management, digitalization and promoting circular energy in their operations, among other things. The three-day study tour will take place in the districts of Prishtina, Gjakova, and Mitrovica.

We believe in integrating the Diaspora community by offering them a space for instruction and collaboration with the local community.

Our Diaspora professionals team include:

Bardha Kushutani von Kappelgaard - Denmark

Bardha has an educational background in Political Science and has worked for more than half a decade in Climate Action, where she has supported developments for investments, innovations, and partnerships. Further, Bardha has led the development of World Climate Foundation's biodiversity portfolio, including creating the platform World Biodiversity Summit and its network, positioning regenerative practices for key industries mentioned in the New Global Biodiversity Framework; such as forestry, oceans, agriculture, energy, circular economy, finance, and insurance.

Petrit Ahmeti - The Netherlands

Petrit is a Sustainability Specialist from Zadar, Croatia, raised in Prishtinë, Kosovo. He earned his BS in Earth and Environmental Science from the University of St. Andrews in 2019, after which he moved to the Netherlands to pursue a career in sustainability. He first joined Spent SEE as a Sustainability Officer, where it supported the development of ESG strategy. His second academic journey took him to the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, where he completed his MSc in Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change. After he completed his MSc, he joined PVH Corp as a Sustainable Operations Specialist, where he led the annual GHG footprint, climate risk assessments, and corporate reporting. Driven by the desire to help companies decarbonization their operation and supply chain, he takes pride in supporting their transition towards net zero. When he is not busy with work, you can find him cooking or playing basketball.

Suzana Lutolli - United Kingdom

Suzana is from Kosova and has lived in the UK for 24 Years. With an undergraduate degree in BCs Psychology, and a masters MSC International Project management, Suzana is also a mother of two wonderful daughters. Suzana has a demonstrated track of 20 years plus in leading and managing teams in large and complex organizations, developing strategies, designing, and implementing business improvement and change initiatives both at a service and individual level; supporting, coaching and empowering teams and individuals to adapt and learn new ways of working, achieve high standard of performance and sustainable outcomes. A strong believer in a just and fair world, Suzana is committed to equal opportunities and inclusive practice which can only be achieved by great human based and empathetic leadership.

Kushtrim Rama - Sweden.

Kreshnik is an engineer with a master's in Sustainable Energy Systems. He was born and raised in Sweden and earned his degree from Chalmers University. Since graduation, Kreshnik has worked primarily in the renewable energy sector, developing new projects, both established and new technologies.

He is driven by the desire of increasing access to clean and affordable energy for everyone.

When he is not trying to save the world, he likes to play basketball and DJ.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora.



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