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Stop Deforestation In Kosovo and Join #MoseMerrMalin

Given the importance of forests in ensuring healthy ecosystems and tackling climate change, we believe that our livelihoods, the state of our economy and the well-being of people and animals in Kosovo are all at stake. And this risk stems from the increase in the level of deforestation caused by human activities, such as land use change due to agriculture, unsustainable forest management, lack of monitoring processes, mining, infrastructure projects such as roads and buildings, urbanization , man-made fires and illegal logging.

As part of our work, we have created a movement called #MoseMerrMalin to raise awareness of the problem of deforestation and its long-term impact on our ecosystems, biodiversity and human livelihoods. Noticing the occurrence of these volatile trends, SLK in partnership with the Kosovo Institute of GIS and Geospatial Technology - IGGTK and Correlaid (Netherlands), has embarked on a journey to better understand the problem of deforestation in Kosovo.

Through GIS3 and Remote Sensing we have collected data on the state of forests in the Kosovo region for the last 20 years. When these data were analyzed, a deforestation rate of 7,618 hectares was found in the period 2001-2020. This equates to over 1 hectare of forests lost on average each day, or the size of 1.5 football stadiums per day. These findings show that, if we do not act now, by 2035 we will not have healthy forests in Kosovo.

In order for us to continue with the #MoseMerrMalin movement, we need a specific workstation through which we will be able to process the data collected through satellite images.

Anyone who wants to help can do so through 3 different ways of donating:

Global Albanians Foundation website:

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