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Greenhouse gas emissions during SLK's Study Tour

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

As a leading organization in sustainability we have decided to start calculating and declaring our organization's impact on specific projects. This will help us understand and help us plan better to reduce the negative impact and join the global commitment for Net Zero Targets.

Each one of us as individuals is responsible for the amount of greenhouse gases that we emit by our daily actions, especially during mobility. Some actions are more objectively significant than others; here we must mention the means of transportation that we use by air, land, and water.

During our three-day study visits in the region of Prishtina, Mitrovica, and Gjakova, the SLK staff, along with our professionals from the diaspora who have traveled to Kosovo to be part of the tour, have generated CO2 emissions that we have calculated to be an estimated amount of 2,914.5 kg CO2e or 2.91 t CO2e for all joint travels by plane, train, car, and bus.

The largest share of impact came from air travel (89%), with land travel (11%) dominated by car emissions (10.5%).

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