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Open Call for SR-NET Program in Tirana!

It is our pleasure to open this call for individuals 18+ who work in organizations which focus on youth projects, to join Sustainability Leadership Kosova, through the SR-NET program (an Erasmus+ exchange program) for a week-long training in Tirana from 12 -18 June 2022.

This 2nd SR-NET Program training in Tirana, is aimed at increasing youth workers ability to organize empowering activities that will motivate youth in being a more active part of society, thus increasing their ability to interact and participate.

Among the contents of the training there will also be practices for reaching, engaging and motivating youth to stay in the activities, coaching and mentoring techniques to keep them on track. There will be different experts to cover the proposed contents and offer an update on all relevant techniques and methods for youth participation.

The week-long training is meant to get Partners’ youth workers ready to engage more efficiently and fostering disengaged youth interest (or capacity) to take the reasonability for their community and their future.

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