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#MoseMerrMalin workshop in Mitrovica

On April 22nd, Sustainability Leadership Kosova (SLK) held the #MoseMerrMalin workshop at 7Arte Cultural Center in Mitrovica.

The workshop covered various topics relevant to the phenomenon of deforestation, starting with general ones such as climate crisis, global warming and deforestation. Then, the participants, in groups, worked on analyzing deforestation in our local context using the PESTEL methodology and Theory of Change. At the end of this activity, the groups presented their task results.

The workshop came as a result of deforestation research in Kosovo, which was led by Sustainability Leadership Kosova in collaboration with Institute for GIS and Geospatial Technology of Kosovo IGGTK in Kosovo, CorrelAid and MasterStory from the Netherlands. #MoseMerrMalin campaign name and materials were inspired by activists and participants of #CreAct project, which was supported by the Community Development Fund within the Human Rightivism Project.

Besides lecturing, SLK also presented the #MoseMerrMalin campaign, the purpose of which is to raise the awareness and advocacy for Kosovo’s forest preservation and restoration.

Many activists as well as organizations and institutions representatives from Mitrovica participated in the workshop.

Adelina Muja Brahimi has a career in politics but is passionate about nature and its protection. In the workshop, Adelina participated as an environmentalist of Mitrovica, and shared from her experience the actions that she took towards minimizing the usage of non-environmental friendly products.

Arta Ibishi Citaku, a changemaker and nature lover, is one of the first initiators of the Mitrovica’s Environmentalists community. Every Saturday, Arta and other community members engage in environmental cleaning of certain areas in Mitrovica.

Dženita Shabani works as a Political Advisor of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development in Mitrovica. During the workshop, she was interested in policies for sustainable development of Mitrovica.

Feriz Kariu, a changemaker from Mitrovica, although engaged in NGO “Koralet”, an organization with a focus on educational matters, expressed great interest in nature conservation and regeneration.

Gjylisha Cena, a young activist, is highly motivated and engaged in bringing positive change within the community of Mitrovica.

Lulzim Hakaj, Coordinator at NGO Reconciliation Empowering Communities, has shown interest in acquisition and application of green practices in Mitrovica.

Maliqe Mustafa is the one female mayor from the villages of Mitrovica and has more than 10 years of experience in beekeeping. She, as well, was very attentive in acquisition of eco-friendly practices and her role as a citizen in nature protection.

Miradije Hamiti is the Founder of BIO NINA, a company that offers natural products such as ajvar and various jams. During the workshop, Miradije shared many ideas and advice about the production of natural products while remaining eco-friendly.

Shkumbin Hasani participated as UN-Habitat and LOCAF representative

Shqipe Beqiri works at RDA North, the focus of which is to support economic development of the northern part of Kosovo. Passionate about nature and green practices, Shqipe shared lots of information on these matters.

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