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#MoseMerrMalin Tour in Prizren

On the 12th of August, #MoseMerrMalin Tour continued its journey in Prizren. The two main events were organized in the Sharr Mountains in partnership with our partners Sharr Festival, at N’Bjeshkë Agroturizem.

The workshop facilitated by Indira Kartallozi covered various topics relevant to the phenomenon of deforestation, starting with general ones such as climate crisis, global warming and deforestation. Furthermore SLK also introduced the EN Roads - Climate Solutions Simulator which was facilitated by Blerinda Veliu. In the last part of the workshop the participants were able to visually see the process of gathering the data for the #MoseMerrMalin (deforestation levels in Kosovo) map while Faruk Foniqi explained in detail the process of the work.

The launching event was opened with an authentic poem recital by Nysret Veliu for the Sharri Mountains which was written specifically for this event. Indira Kartallozi, the Executive Director of SLK, delivered the presentation on #MoseMerrMalin campaign and deforestation research in Kosovo. Mrs. Kartallozi attentively spoke about the journey of this campaign and the steps that SLK, in collaboration with key partners, had taken to reach the stage in which we are now and the ones which we plan to take in the future.

The presentation was followed up with a panel discussion moderated by Çlirim Sheremeti. The panelists were Dr. Wayne Visser, an international professor and author, Nysret Veliu, a local entrepreneur, Liridon Shala, local activist in Prizren and Taulant Hoxha, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Sharr Festival. The discussion of the panel was the highlight of the event, where we shared the next steps of the #MoseMerrMalin Movement.

The workshop and launching event came as a result of deforestation research in Kosovo, which was led by Sustainability Leadership Kosova in collaboration with GIS Institute and Geospatial Technology of Kosovo IGGTK in Kosovo, CorrelAid and MasterStory from the Netherlands. #MoseMerrMalin campaign name and materials were inspired by activists and participants of #CreAct project, which was supported by the Community Development Fund within the Human Rightivism Project.

At the end of these events the participants were presented with the MoseMerrMalin Pledge which they were invited to sign for and now we have gathered around 65 signatures during the tour.

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