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Data Science Experiences of our partners CorrelAid Netherlands

Considering the importance of the forests for ensuring healthy ecosystems1 and tackling climate change2 we believe that our livelihoods, the state of our economy, and the wellbeing of people and animals in Kosovo are all at risk. And this risk originates from increased deforestation caused by human activities, such as land use change due to agriculture, unsustainable forest management, lack of monitoring processes, mining, infrastructure projects such as roads and buildings, urbanization, human induced fires, and illegal logging.

In light of these unsustainable trends, SLK in partnership with Faruk Foniqi founder and director of the Institute of GIS and Geospatial Technology of Kosovo - IGGTK and Correlaid, has embarked on a journey to understand the deforestation problem in Kosovo.

One of the core goals our partners at CorrelAid Netherlands is to connect data scientists with organizations that advance the social good. Are you curious about the collaborations that they are facilitating and the problems that they are tackling? Then this recording is for you!

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