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Kosovo’s environment is at risk of an alarming degradation as a result of widespread deforestation activities that have been an ongoing phenomenon across the country during the last two decades.

Given the importance of forests in preserving biodiversity, preventing erosion, maximizing carbon absorption, improving soil health, combating climate change, and stimulating the economy while providing jobs for local communities, among other things, deforestation trends have jeopardized these benefits; thus, their preservation is both urgent and critical.

This analytical report conducted by Faruk Foniqi, a Geographic Information System Mapping (GIS) specialist, has analyzed these deforestation trends in Anamorava region for the last 20 years 2000-2022* (first 6 months), and recommends the implementation of urgent protection measures for Kosovo’s forests.

Sustainability Leadership Kosova is dedicated to spreading awareness of this negative phenomenon and increasing conversation and afforestation efforts in Kosovo through #MoseMerrMalin movement, developed within the Human Rightivism segment and supported by the Community Development Fund – CDF.

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