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Sustainability Leadership

Age 25 +


SLK Champions Program – A three-module learning journey for CSR professionals or individuals who want to become sustainability practitioners. 

The key objective of the SLK Champions is to cultivate a cohort of sustainability experts who will integrate sustainability practices in their organisation, business or institutions in order to drive economic, social and environmental change across communities in which they operate. SLK Champions Learning Journey provides a combination of academic and practical knowledge. Participants will require to activate their learning 

Module 1: Global Trends and Systems Thinking - exploring global trends & systems pressures and includes interactive activities such as scenario planning & systems mapping. Participants will be assigned to apply their learning to the analysis of the country’s economic, social and environmental challenges;

Module 2: Business, Innovation, and Technology Trends – we will investigate how business is responding. From the trends of CSR to integrated value, including organisational change & innovation approaches. Participants will identify and present case studies from the country’s context; 

Module 3: Transformational Leadership and Change – we will learn about the attributes of transformational leadership, what makes one an effective changemaker? Participants will be requested to apply their learning and design and communicate a compelling agenda for change in the country.

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