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The final list of the Green Hub Program Grantees

The Green Hub program is implemented in partnership between Sustainability Leadership Kosovo and Venture UP, and is supported by UNDP Kosovo. This is a program that is leading the change and promoting ecotourism trends in Kosovo. The program targets existing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the tourism sector for green recovery from COVID-19 and transition towards environmental sustainability;

diversification of other MSMEs in the tourism value chain in areas such as handicrafts and agriculture. Furthermore, the program aims at new tourism initiatives by young people; students of the University of Prishtina and beyond.

The emphasis of this program will be on the adoption of safe practices for COVID-19 and the environment. At the enterprise level, measures to mitigate or eliminate negative impacts and a more financially sustainable operating model.

The project aims to support up to 50 tourism SMEs in their recovery and acceleration towards sustainability. One of the most important components of this program is the small grants provided to existing SMEs in the tourism sector.

Please find below the interactive map of the 28 Green Hub Program Grantees over the different regions of Kosovo.

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