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Open Call For Applications - Small Grants For The Sector Of Eco-Tourism

We are pleased to invite the entrepreneurs of the tourism sector in the Prizren region, to apply for small grants as part of the Green Hub program, which is implemented by Sustainability Leadership Kosovo and VentureUP supported by UNDP Kosovo.

In this notice and especially in the attached documents, you can find all the detailed information about this grant.

About the Green Hub Program

Green Hub Program is supported by the UNDP Kosovo in partnership with Sustainability Leadership Kosova and Venture UP, and is a program which is leading the change and driving the ecotourism trends in Kosovo. The Green Hub Program is targeting existing tourism MSMEs for COVID-19 green recovery and transition towards environmental sustainability; and the diversification of other MSMEs into the tourism value chain in areas such as handcrafts and agriculture. Additionally, the program targets new tourism initiatives by youth; students of the University of Prishtina and beyond.

Emphasis will be given to the adoption of COVID-safe and environmentally sustainable practices. At enterprise level of measures to mitigate or eliminate negative impacts and a more financially stable operating model.

The project aims at supporting up to 50 tourism MSMEs in their recovery and acceleration process towards sustainability.

About this grant

The main purpose of this pilot grant program is to support MSME’s to increase resilience and adherence to sustainable eco-tourism practises. The grants are designed to support existing MSMEs with financial resources which can offer a substantive difference in their survival, rehabilitation, and ability to greening their operations while resuming activities amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

Having MSME-s that continuously innovate and adopt sustainable practises along with rehabilitating the current operations is pivotal for a healthy economy and a flourishing tourism industry.

Areas of focus for successful applicants

This grant aims to support the sector in recuperating from COVID-19 Pandemics and optimising their operations so that it adheres to eco-tourism practises. A successful grant applicant therefore should clearly specify the following to receive added considerations during the review process:

- Specify the intended impact of the intervention supported from this grant and demonstrate the adaptations they intend to undertake to ensure an innovation in service delivery/offering, operations and/or strategy.

- Commitment to environmental sustainability and improved/ enhanced workforce inclusivity and working conditions for its staff as well as strengthening/leveraging new partnerships that support sustainable business practices;

- Clearly specifying the eco-tourism principles and practices along with the strategies to support sustainable business practices;

- Utilize resources (technology, equipment) to help innovate and diversify product/service offerings in ways aligned with environmental sustainability.

The deadline for grant applications from the Prizren region is 07 March 2022. We encourage interested Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) within the tourism sector and especially the eco-tourism sector to submit their applications as soon as possible.. To go to the Application Form, click here. Please note that the application form requires you to have an email in GMail. Any questions or clarifications regarding the grant application can be sent in writing by March 04 to

Below you can download detailed information and relevant documents about this grant. Please read them carefully before applying, so that your application can be more detailed.

RFA_Grant_Green Hub_V1
Download PDF • 114KB

Download XLSX • 11KB

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