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Welcome to "BËHU MIK I TOKËS"
Thank you for being here!

Kosovo is experiencing a very important threat caused by climate change and human induced destructions, such as high pollution, industrial and domestic waste, biodiversity loss and deforestation. And understandably these risks are not deemed as a priority due to a number of social and economic challenges experienced by our society on daily basis.

We believe that we have to tackle the lack of awareness now!  We want for our society, including institutions to start understanding that our wellbeing and economy is heavily dependent on the air that we breathe and the resources we are depleting on daily basis. 


The BMT is a movement that will create a collective action in order to plant the seed in all people's minds in order to understand the critical role the condition of the environment has on our society.

The fact that you are reading this you are already concerned or interested to learn more. You may be an organisation or an individual working in this field? We are on the look out for potential partners and changemakers that will be part of BMT. If so, and you need more details please see BMT brochure or download from the link below. If you would like to discuss it further contact us .

We hope to welcome you in our journey!

Yours in changemaking,

SLK Team

Sustainability Leadership Kosova


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