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SEKA 1.0

Dear Changemakers,


We are delighted to discover that you want to join our Social Enterprise Kosova (SEKA) program. Since we have completed our first 2018 program, we have continued to develop it further, building up a supporting structure to help you with your entrepreneurial journey. 

Through the program, we want to enhance your skills through theory-based and fun-packed activities to unleash your full potential.  Through this program you will become the pioneer of this transformational journey, moving from 'business as usual' to a more sustainable business models. In this way you will continue to serve the wellbeing, fairness and the prosperity of our country.  

If you would like more details, please sign up to receive more details. We are happy answer any questions you may have. 

We look forward to welcome you to the SEKA community!

Yours in changemaking,
SLK Team

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